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It is entirely subjective and there's no real right answer, but if you want the most bang, those two will definitely not achieve that. Common Projects, MMM, etc. are all way better alternatives. Hell, you'd get more longevity out of a pair of deadstock GAT's. I know guys who've had them for ages and they look beautiful and they're only 70-90 bucks usually.
I say neither. I'm not trying to be an asshole, but I wouldn't get either of those for that price. You could get some MMM's or CP's on sale for that price and you'll stay re-assured that they'll take an absolute beating and last forever. Just my two cents.
I have too many questions to list on here, haha. Pm sent!
Free bump for an awesome seller!
I'm an L in W+H and in between an XL and XXL in BoO. I'm not sure what size I should get, but I seriously am lusting hard for one of these BFD Oxfords. They're gorgeous!
Pardon me if this is a stupid question, but do these super slim like BoO? or a little more boxy like W+H?
PM'd about the grey shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by cowsareforeating dry clean if you want, but just cold wash gentle cycle with light or dark-sensitive detergent (i use woolite dark) and then hang dry (OUT OF THE SUN!) uv rays kill color. Thanks for the reply man!
I have a pair of black west point/weapon till W+H chinos and am just wondering how I should go about washing them without having them fade. Stupid question, I know, but I want to be sure as I don't want to drop another 200 bucks on chinos if I ruin them.
I can vouch for this guy. Great seller!
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