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Just got both the white oxford and the blue oxford and I must say, the fit is absolutely spot on and as is the construction. They're easily the toughest oxfords I've ever felt.
Wanting to buy a pair of mid CP's in size 42. Black colourway is preferable, but show me anything you got, besides white. Thanks! Price can be discussed.
Club Monaco and Zara carry some really decent slim fit chinos. CM has a few colours to choose from and they're at a decent price-point (69 bucks, but very often on promotion) They're super thick and feel really nice. The ones from Zara are 50 bucks at the very most and they're incredibly comfortable and slim fitting. The fit is similar to the west point twill pants by W+H.
Quote: Originally Posted by nghiem Dayum, those Nomad prices are fantastic. Too bad they kill you with the crazy shipping costs ($20 for orders less than $100 and $30 for over). Tempted... It's true. They just kill your sale buzz with stupid shipping prices. Oh well.
How do the sneakers by APC compare to let's say, Common Projects, or Lanvin? I'm a 42 in CP's and 41 in Lanvin. I'm thinking of copping a pair, but I need to be sure first. Any help would be much appreciated!
Had extremely smooth transactions with CityHunter and ContigencyPlan. Both extremely helpful and easygoing. I can definitely vouch!
Quote: Originally Posted by s3lam TntBlu has 2 olive west point chino's for $90CDN in size 33 and 2 slim fit cords in tan size (size 32 and 33) for $114 CDN. Just a heads up for the Toronto peeps.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master Milano ^ how much was it marked down by? The chinos were 69 retail, but 20 bucks off. The sweaters were marked down to 59 from 89 with an additional 30% off the sale price.
Went yesterday and bought a pair of slim fit gray chinos and a couple of 100% wool sweaters that are damn awesome. All on promotion, which was nice. CM easily has the best sales/markdowns I've ever seen.
That fit is spot on! Good decision!
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