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Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide last summer they made a pair of pants...the ventile. waist sizes 28-30'something had a ridiculous inseam of like 29 or 29.5".. at 5'8 it hits me about a half inch above the shoe. it looks good at that height, imo. but its funny that a 6' person couldn't even wear the pant if they had a somewhat skinny waist.. i am now wondering what % of w/h output is shipped to the 0rient.. That's outrageous! Those pants...
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six FML. I need to somehow convince those guys to make a pair with 34" inseam. Who the fuck is that designed for? Oh right asians. Quoted for goddamn truth. Harsh, but so true.
The Wings plaid fits similar to an XL BoO oxford? really? I tried on an XL oxford and it was still tight as hell. The buttons at the chest were pulling and I had to suck in like crazy, haha. Oh well, tailoring them doesn't really cost much, so it works either way.
So, I recently picked up two BoO shirts off CityHunter which are both XXL. If I'm a large in the W+H oxfords, how do you guys think the Band shirts will fit? I mean, I probably will have to get them tailored, but a rough idea would be appreciated.
Taupe suede ftw. My girlfriend bought me a pair for my birthday and they're sick! What I especially love about them is that you can wear them with black and it doesn't look off, like brown and black typically does.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowvalley2000 did they say they were getting more? I didn't ask, but I'm sure they are as Rob Lo is the Wings N. American rep and he owns the store. @Slack; good call, bro!
I called and apparently they really are all gone. Goddamnit, I was going to cop a pair today
Whaat? the sweatpants went from fully stocked to just a small. Is this correct?
To the top.
So, I've been getting really frustrated with APC. I ordered some sneakers on the 27th and I received an email saying that my order was being processed on the 28th, so I waited a few days and nothing. Sent three emails since and still nothing. They clearly charged the credit card, I just haven't gotten a shipping notice. What should I do?
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