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Here's my first fit pics guys. Nothing exciting, as you can tell, but let me know what you think anyways. Brands from top to bottom: BoO W+H CP
Does anyone have precise measurements for a BoO XL?
What is sizing like on sperry topsiders? I'm thinking of buying a pair of the band of outsiders sperry's, but I'm not sure how I should size. I'm a 42 in CP', 41 in Lanvin, and 9 in clarks db's.
Quick question about fit here. What do you guys think of the fit of these BoO shirts? They were originally XXL, but I tried shrinking the shit out of them in the wash/dryer. Besides the obvious sleeve length issue in the second picture, what do you think of the overall fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by redawg Hey guys, This is my first post and I need a little sneaker help. These shoes would be for wearing with chinos (both light and dark), jeans, and the occasional pair of shorts in the summer. I ordered these jack purcells in pale grey for around 40 shipped from Nordstroms at 50% off: but then today I came across these, low profile, in dark charcoal, for...
The point is that BoO shirts are incredibly unforgiving. I'm determined to make it work, haha. My XXL shirts are probably going to be a bit big, but that's nothing a tailor can't fix.
I would say stop buying jeans at gap right now. The jeans your first posted are passable, but I wouldn't strive for being just passable. Ditch the second jeans right away. The wash is atrocious. Also, PLEASE do something about the shoes in the first picture.
Quote: Originally Posted by masshi Is it so big that it looks really bad? I don't think the coat comes in any size smaller... (it's a Small). (I'm 5'8~9", ~125 lbs. / 174 cm, ~56.7 kg) It looks like a potato sack with toggle closure. I suggest finding a brand that caters to your emaciated self, or eating a shit-load so you can gain weight and buy properly-fitting clothing. I don't mean to offend, I'm just being honest.
Yes. Big yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide [[SPOILER]] but seriously - in you tall guy's faces (n/h) - finally some pants without a 34 inseam! Hah! Fair enough, I guess. Still though..
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