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Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 does this mean that i have to dress flamboyant? or would it be sufficient to just wear blazer, shirt, jeans and shoes? Hahah, no absolutely not. Just dress presentable. Those items sound good. I wear those on the daily when I work.
Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 i really want to work there pointers on how i can get a job there? It's all in how you present yourself the very first time. Make a great impression and you have it in the bag. In addition to that, call and check back. They like determination and initiative. Show them that you want it and you got it.
50% employee discount for the win. That is all.
Could I get the measurements for the Thom Browne oxford?
How in the hell is that sweater an XL with those measurements. Makes me rage, because I would cop instantly.
How do W+H Sweats run? I'm a 33 in Nudie Slim Jim, 33 in APC NC and generally wear L-XXL up top. What size should i get?
Quote: Originally Posted by palma Thanks for the link slack. But, I am in the market something more like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/ayn/288...7594150585170/ Btw, anybody want to confirm that spruce is no more? Spruce is still around, but their name is now Wings + Horns.
Quote: Originally Posted by Donut What are the madras shirts usually priced? I'd like to know this as well.
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