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I got these shirts a few months ago and really realized the boo cut doesn't flatter my fat ass at all. They're both tagged XXL's and both have been worn very lightly. One is a red/white striped oxford and the other is a grey batiste. I'm looking to trade for a GBV shirt, or shirts in large, or XL if it's an oxford. Please pm me and let me know what you have. Thanks! Measurements: Shoulder to shoulder 19.25" Pit to pit 22.5" Sleeve length 27.5" Length 29.5" Please note:...
I've never had the poofing problem. They don't poof out at all if they fit you properly.
How would I go about dyeing a button down shirt? I have a few beater oxfords I feel like fucking up. Suggestions?
Actually, I take that back. I don't know what I was thinking. A M should be good, although if you like an ultra slim fit, you probably wont get that, but it'll definitely fit. I don't know where my head was at earlier. I say order a small and a medium to be sure and send back whatever doesn't fit.
If he indeed has a 38 inch chest, the M will be big, no doubt. If you have a 38 inch waist, the large should fit you perfectly as I am also 6'1 with a 38 inch waist.
Thanks boss!
Stoked! Sorry if this has already been asked, but what is the pricepoint for the raw denim?
This shirt is lightly worn and has always been washed in cold water and hung to dry. Looking for 70 shipped to your door. Measurements: P2P: 22" Sleeves: 21.5" (from armpit), 26.5" (from shoulder) Length: 30.5" Shoulder-to-shoulder: 17.25" Thanks!
AAAAAAThese were both purchased from Gravity Pope during f/w 10. These two are tagged as XL's but are different measurements-wise. First up is a grey with white stripe long sleeve polo. This has been worn once and washed once. Approx. Measurements: 17.25 s2s 22 p2p 26 length 26 1/2 sleeve (from shoulder) Second up is a red/blue long sleeve polo. This is the slimmer of the two. Also worn once and washed once. Measurements: 16'' s2s 21 p2p 26 length 26 1/2 sleeve...
Bought new from Haven for 198. Worn four times total, washed twice. Size is LARGE. From f/w 2010. Shipped to your door for 80$ OBO. Approx. measurements: p2p 22.5 s2s 17 length 29 sleeve length 24.5 (from shoulder) Wrinkled because it has been in a drawer for 7 months. Thanks guys!
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