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These are not only perfect summer, they are perfect for the whole year. I just can't imagine anyone close to 43.5 not taking this pair right now, they are great
Thanks!, hope you get them soon
What??, pathetic going for a 4th G&G?, I want my 2nd
Well used Audleys on the 337
Superb ravellos, I'm still looking for the whiskeys uncle, can't find them but I won't give up
I was checking some Salvatore Ferragamo Tramezza in NYC a couple of weeks ago that looked great but they were too expensive ($1,900 & up)
Thank you guys, gdot - Grants on the MH71 vintage rioja
Everything is beautiful in this pic
Thanks spoo and fritzl for the info, I like many types of different shoes, but this style of derbies with this shape and brogue is my favorite by far. I'm sure he's more than a happy customer.
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