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Yes, I wear the same size in the 325 and 341 easily
These below are the ones I sold, didn't look fat to me, another thing that I didn't like about Jodhpurs (at least the cottesmore) is that the vamp looks nice in pics with the shoe trees in but the shape once in the feet (and I have a med to high instep) looked weird and unpleasant. Laced boots look better to me.All of this is personal preference of course, on the positive side, I agree with another poster that the leather quality was significantly better than other bench...
ohhh, nice
Like this?, this is my next order but with pin grain instead of croc - MH71
hahaha, like they say where I come from: cada cabeza es un mundo (each head is it's own world). That's why I never post negative comments and always say imo, for my taste etc.I'm not a fan of too sleek shoes in general with the exception of wholecuts, suede shoes and maybe a couple of other exceptions. The cottesmore in particular was too pointy for me for a boot, I was feeling like a cowbow, I can only imagine the 348
Almost agree, I sold your winner because despite they are pretty to look at, I did not liked them once I started wearing, too sleek for my taste for a boot and disliked the light chestnut color too.
It's the same argument again, to me, the alden PTB's are un sleek, boot like casual shoe that I wear with jeans and chinos (I wear them sometimes with trousers, no suits) and the sole and welt work better w the uppers. The shoe that isshinryu posted are not like that and IMO the super welt looks a little bit much and clash with the sleekness.Similar reason why I hate the G&G06 last, such a vulgar toe on a super refined everything else.I don't like to argue about shoes...
Oh God, I love them all, great pictures, the brogues and medallion in the second from the left are partcularly beautiful to me. The shape remind me a bit some of the Vass lasts like the Peter and 3636, would you agree?
Oh I see, thank you for the clarification, good to know. I'm rather ignorant about and not interested in vintage things in general. I do agree that those in particular would look better with a more streamlined welt, I like the double sole.Cheers
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