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btw, the last ones you posted are quite nice but nobody of us want to admit it
^ and they are burgundy on top
ftfy, nobody even noticed the nice Carmina posted by Gerry Nelson 4 pages back (FOUR pages back)
Both are really nice.In the oxford I like the way everything matches, the grain and reg. leather in the laces area matches the wt / vamp area. all brogue lines and curves are almost perfectly paralel, it's very pleasant visually, my wingtip is not like that, never seen a wingtip like that.That made sense?, maybe I need help here, again, sorry for my bad shoe vocabulary, DWFII would hate to read this.
Sounds great, can you post a photo of them?
I agree, I'm not a fan of either double monks or boots so no for me, but they look good and I suspect they will look great with one of those dark trousers of yours. Nice to see something different.
No, but I have received enough feedback from members and from Vass and I'm willing to order based on that. I'm undecided between a Theresianer, Atl Wien, plain toe, or a norweger in light colored grain. I'm leaning toward a plain toe or the norweger. It will be a gift from my wife for my 50th birthday. Any suggestions would be welcome!You are right, it's a personal thing, I'm used to wear more substantial? footwear with jeans.
Why?, what I meant is that I like both derbies you just posted in this page, that they are different styles but love them both.What about oxfords?, what is the place of oxfords in the AH school?, I prefer derbies in general but I enjoy oxfords too and fit me well.
That last one you just posted if one of them (and the one above too). Different styles, Both fantastic
Thank you uncle!
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