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Nice pictures, thanks for sharing
Oh I see, I thought he ordered the trees to fit those shoes, those look like the normal shell creasing. Regular Vass trees doesn't fit snug in that area either.
Good to know, thanks for the info.
That is great if the fit is good. I've had bad experience with the fit, 3 different lasts, 2 exclusives and 1 peal for BB ( no handgrades though), none worked for me, that is one of the reasons why I said what I said, not because any bias, at this stage I know my feet and my preferences, I don't want to experiment anymore, I don't need to.
There is a huge difference in leather quality between C&J handgrades vs benchgrades too, (at least the ones i've had). My handgrades have performed very well and still look good.
The only RTW shoes that I would buy other than Vass right now is G&G, period. The mistake days are in the past. The wait is a good thing. I can have a few martinis & pull the trigger, have time to get rid of a few things in the next few months and be happy at the end. I'm not trying to be funny or anything, I'm dead serious.
+1- looks like DC Lewis is doing a fine job
Any chance that your friend in Munich:a - change his mind, andb - fit my size?
^ All beautiful, lots of character, thank you for taking the time to explain
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