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Not a fan, admittedly, IST's are prettier & more appropriate.Fortunately, I regained my senses and changed before leaving the house.
Well, you know just by looking , sadly I wasn't the lucky oneI see, we have different feet, I'm 8US and 40.5 and P2 fit perfectly
That is a shame, they are very nice. What is your size?
I was reading my post again and would like to clarify, I own only the Vass, not the Materna (unfortunately), that wasn't clear in my post I think.
Oh no, you misunderstood me, I like Aldens, I own several PTB's in the barrie, NST aberdeen and I really like the wing tips, I was referring to those specific designs (Long wings, boots and loafers of any country or lasts, not only Aldens)
I like the cigar like color around the laces. Uncle, all shoes styles that I normally don't like/wear (lw, loafers & boots) always look great on you and makes me want to change my mind.+1, nice color on the loafers
Good morning Vass London Brooks Brothers Levis 511
FantasticFantastic in every way, I love the shape
I really like 2 and 3 eyelet derbies, I have a black pair and the brown below, anyone own a 2 or 3 eyelet in a last other than F? Vass / Materna
Thank you Sir F & uncle, sorry for the bad photo, will try to do better in the future
New Posts  All Forums: