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Pretentious, like most posts hereThe ones Monty posted in the last page are vintage?, purchasing new modern alligator or ostrich shoes is risky? serious questions, I don't know and I'm really interested
I think what we often forget here is that this is just a forum, and this is the typical forum talk, in which we forget there is a real world out there, and 95% of folks think Cole Hann and other similar things is the best, the other 4.9% think Ferragamo regular line at $500+ is really the high end, and then 0.1% is what this forum is talking about. Any C&J is nicer than what 99% of folks wear, and it's the lower end here. Just like any other forum, here we are fanatics, it...
Not necessarily disagree, but what do you consider nice shoes?
What do you mean?
I don't think he was too kind to the other gentleman who posted his collection
I know that, im not that ignorant, I didn't want to make the post too long, the point was the comment about the money, I respect you and your collection because its valuable and that is what you and others like, that's perfect. But others don't
I respectfully disagree, of course any person with enough cash can buy anything. I'm sure there are millions of people out there with enough cash that don't even know/like this stuff. What if you don't like vintage things?(I don't) or what if you don't like most of the styles/lasts?.I personally prefer modern Vass, GG etc. even if I had access to vintage stuff, honestly.
Thank you uncle, your whiskey wt are spectacular and also loving the blue combo w the ravello
+1, starter collection of AC,GG, EG and lobbs
Plain cognac color is very nice Pliny, wearing today
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