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I like the brown and the blue derbies, I would be very happy with those
Nobody will convince me this wasn't planned
Stay thirsty my friends
F would be the closest I think. Nice slippers, congrats.Excellent!, looking forward to the picturesMe too, if Vass were to make a new last and called it "C" last, that would be epic, the boldest move in history
I like the way you think , I don't have photos yet but something like this japanessewith perforations like this wingsor perforations caps like antonio's
My recommendation, forget about the U,K lasts on this one, too common and a little boring. go for the wholecut with perforations AND medallion in the F last - oxblood or black (I ordered this one in oxblood). It will look great, like that lovely wholecut in the Japaneese thread.
What?, no new shoes in 8 months??
So this method is different from other Dainite soled shoes in which the stitches are all around the outer sole? (kind of obvious but wanted to confirm anyway), wonder why Vass prefer this way.
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