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+1, and the socks, and the pants..
Totally agree, do it tonight, don't wait until tomorrow
The double strap monks are both simply horrible, the split and wings look very nice.
Excelente, me gusta mucho
Many great shoes ascot, really nice, even the purple. I have to say however, that the croc/ostrich/calf monks are the second ugliest shoes I have ever seen (Bontoni triple strap monks are the undisputed champion of the world). I don't understand how Vass agreed to do that, they look badly put together. Love the brown/cognac wing tips on the piano and all the suede are lovely
Thanks, these are Bresciani, thay have in other colors too I think.
^^^ Don't remember seeing it before, anyway that's very nice!
Indeed!Thank you very much!
Thank you stitches, very good combo yourself.
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