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Just returned from a trip and found this, always great to receive a package from Nick
Nothing will look better than that lovely antic cognac shell
I'm really surprised about that, 45.5 is really big in the F for a size US12. I'm not saying they don't fit you of course, it shows how much fit varies according to the type of feet.
Aging only, I never polished these shoes, I think I will use some cream soon to smooth the scuffs a bit. F last, double tapering to single soles.
Thanks everyone, Dpp the color is saddle shell, a bit darker than the original color.
Wanted to share a few detail pics of my one of my favorites after much wear, hava a nice sunday everyone. Left Right Naked butt Shell
Yes, they look great
Me encanta este thread, narco-chic, esto hacia falta en SF, Love this thread, narco-chic was missing here in SF, digging it. I did have some polyester stuff when I was younger, sanchito is right, uno se acostumbra.
Right now I think you can't order the 3 piece shoe trees, but if you can, be prepare to wait 3-4 times the times it takes a pair of shoes to be ready, I think it's the only shoe company that the trees take much more time than the actual shoe.
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