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Lobbs, I had the norweger in the Peter last and I think that's the only Vass pair I really hated, knowing you like sleek I would strongly suggest going for the F last on that one. Look at Namor picture.
Strange looking shape
Very very nice
The New Peter (P2) last have a bit more space in the toes but the fit is very similar, I wear the same size on both and they fit very well. I think if you downsize for the P2 it will be small.Lobbs, be careful with the Peter last, that is a different fit and look, I didn't like it, you do have to upsize for the Peter in my opinion.
Thank you all for the comments, boots are brown calf on the New Peter Last (P2)sstomcat, thank you as always, the fit is perfect, simple as that, I liked the black pair so much I wanted to have a brown pair too.
Thank you uncle!
Very nice and suptle leather
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