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They are very different, in my opinion the only nice Vass red toned color in calf (except of course bordeaux shell which is wonderful) is oxblood which is kind of a very dark red wine. Vass doesn't have any striking red like GG rioja. Regular burgundy doen't look bad but its flat and uninteresting, red cognac just ugly and 6125 cognac is another burgundy, not ugly but lighter than regular burgundy and boring.
Those are pretty great, congrats!
Yes it is F
Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Finally, some older P2's, my favorite casual last (along with Alden's Barrie). True workhorses.. Alden Barrie: Cheers
Thanks. Yes, F last whiskey shell
I agree RogerThanks so much, I say the same of your boots
A few more pics of older Vass, this was my first one purchased about 4 years ago and still my favorite and most used, Other F last,
Lol, the boots are on P2 Very nice RogerP!
Thanks!, nothing new to show, but I always find interesting when someone post older shoes showing some wear.. here are some after a few years, I did apply a coat of cream polish.
The captoes are on the U last, all others on the FThanks Roger
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