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What a thread, thanks.
Wow that looks good
G&G, Jcrew, rarely I go out with no socks, i will today
Yesterday & today Vass, Marcoliani, BB Vass, Marcoliani, Banana Republic
That looks really good. Very pleasant, harmonious combination. I love captoe derbies, and those are damn fine.
Indeed,English is not my first language so I had to google the word gumption so I learned something today , I do take one day a week to shine at least the couple of pairs most in need.
Very nice, I'm starting to like your inclination to wear lighter socks than the pants, I think it would look even better with the shoes less matte, more polished ala upr_crust
Yes, excellent, excellent.
Lol, not really, I continue to be boring, but I find interesting how he managed to get those reactions with the stitching theories and the mediocre Ferragamo boots.
Lol yeah it's the same thing my friend, not trying to be imprudent & unpleasant, but I find the drum beating, unanimous approval of everything strange and boring, so I'm just voicing my honest opinion.
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