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Seriously, with the exception of upr_crust, I respecfully and completely disagree.
I never had any problems with Vass topy, but the vibram soles are quite thick and they are glued, my walking is clumsy and I keep hitting the front part of the sole with everything possible including the pavement, one of those times it came right off on the front about 1.5 inches. I don't know which cement the cobbler used but it worked very well.
True, I have two pairs and both separated at the front, but a quick fix at the local cobbler.
Thanks!I like the double sole very much on these, they look good, and I like the feel when walking. I have another pair (theresianer) with a double sole but I wish I had ordered those with a single sole but based on pure aesthetics.
Another photo of the bordeaux Alt Wien in the P2 last, one of my favorites. It's one of the classic Vass models but It's not frequent in the forum. I ordered this Alt Wien a cuople of years ago after finding the picture of this fine pair online:
Rather than the colour, I would worry about the last and leather, I ordered mine in the Peter last and cognac scotchgrain. I hated it, It was boring and creased ugly. I would go for a sleeker last in a darker color to put some edge on them, single sole.
Yeah, that nice MOL's Fuji camera
Beautiful shoe and colours, I would prefer it without the goyser, but nitpicking.
A dark sleek round whole cut with 5 (golden?) metal eyelets and flat laces, great idea!.what about this one you posted in the Japanese thread?This is the first double strap shoe I've seen that avoids the ugly (imo) fat crossing flap.
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