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Double post
Lol, I agree, very impressive, I tried but couldn't' find exceptions.
Are the jeans slim fit?, what is the length standing up (short, long, just over the shoe?), what is the hem width?, thank you.
Dear God
What size are you?, If you are in the middle of full sizes you could request the smaller size tree. I have the opposite problem, I'm in the middle of sizes (about 40.5) and they send some of my trees size 40 and they are a bit loose (except for the 3 piece trees), In some shoes I have to put an insole to be able to fit the tress well. I request trees 41 and they a are tight but fine.
Thanks!, and that's a good one, I like tan/green/brown a lot and use the combination frequently. Actually, I have that same pair of Carminas purchased at The Armoury a couple of yeas ago and I love them, that last is super nice and fit me very well too.
Thank you for that.I liked your shoes and combo 2 days ago and I said so. I see things as a whole and try to figure the reason, choice, occasion, opportunity etc. I understand this thread is for fun and to give unusual ideas too. At the end it's all personal opinion, I've seen incredibly beautiful boots by Carmina and wonderful shoes by EG and I just think that a long ruby red balmoral and the westminster would be my last choice. Again, absolutely personal choice,...
This is spot on, that is what I meant.
I think dealings with Mr. Kuti should be kept private, or by pm. At least that's the way I see it.
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