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I agreeAgree that Carmina is a solid value, I don't think AS Exclusive is in the same league as Carmina, much less Vass.
Excellent uncle, fine pair. Model & last please?
Thank you!, they are Pantherella purchased here: www.woodsofshropshire.co.uk/I tried to find the exact link of those for you but I didn't find them, I purchase this pair a few months ago, maybe a year.
No, he was a bit abrasive when he was posting this a year and a half ago, he's very sweet now
Thank you uncle, spectacular shoes those #8 nst.Thanks stitches, great combo yourself.
Vass Old English Pantherella BB
Like it very muchLike the colors, love the pants, don't like the shoes too pointy for me but I know that have been discussed before. I Would like to get pants that color.Love it, I wish I could rock those loafers, I ordered in my size and was big, downsized half size and big, then a full size and still big!!, I was afraid to go down a size and a half. That last is not very forgiving on narrow feet I think. I still think I was sent the wrong sized shoes the last time.Not...
Yes they are
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