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+1. He did that with me too the first time I ordered from him and it did help me a lot, the shoes were small and I ended returning them and ordering half size bigger. I was really impressed when he did that. Man I was super careful with those shoes, good thing they were obviously tight and I didn't have to take 1 step in them
Excellent!Beautiful boots
Wow!, what a shoe
Thank you uncle, your ravello nst are great!!
It's the box, have you received a pack from Nick?, the foam, all the nice packaging material, the little card, the dark bags and elegant ligh colored trees, and then you see the burnishing in that beautiful vintage chestnut new Grants and the wonderful medallion, sigh.
Ravello PTB
I didn't see this before my post, yeah take the burgundy Alt Wien too.
Namor, for me it's really a no brainer, the cognac shell budapest in the left foot in second photo is beautiful, it looks great on you right there with that clothes and the medallion is very nice. I wish I was there. Have fun
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