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Thread need more pics, I'm sure everyone will find a way. I order direct, but I wish I had a local seller.
super nice!
This will be my last post regarding this, really, of course I don't have a problem, I think most people here apparently doesn't have to much sense of humor and take half jokes and sarcastic comments too seriously, this is not important, this is an internet forum is all.That being said, and in all seriousness, I think countries, high end companies and their products need to have an identity, things that set them apart from the rest (for good or bad). Vass is an Eastern...
I hope they consider moving to England and merge with Crockett & Jones
Vass is not for people (in my humble opinion) who want changes and specify all sorts of different details, they will mess up a good percentage of those. If you are for example in America, and are intrepid enough to order some shoes online in Hungary, are you really going to return shoes because they messed the color of the heel?, Jesus.One thing I can say for sure, Vass is always a very high quality product, and I can't say the same of other brands costing much more. Yes...
I'm half joking RogerP, but remember this is Hungary, not England, and they will do what they want believe me. More details = more "mistakes"
Dude was messing with welt and heels colors, I bet Vass got it right, including last
Vass do not make mistakes, they just disagree with what you order and make it right. Out of all the "mistakes" they made with my orders, 90% were much better than I originally ordered.. I swear I'm dead serious.
lolok, ok, Roger and guys, ugly is not the right word for the red cognac, I like variety too but I don't like bright red shoes, I'm just not stylish enough. I had Vass red cognac and G&G vintage cherry and I just didn't used them enough, everytime I found myself wearing the burgundy shell or rioja instead.
I disagree with the 6125 my friend, I had 2 pairs and ending selling them, But I have seen many different shades of that color in pictures, so maybe mine were the redest version
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