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Edward Green Emsley
Very good, looking forward to your pics.That is all very nice, very logical, I think is obvious you live in a developed country where things are organized and people follow the rules and everything must have a rational explanation and people must be held accountable. But respectfully I find your post wrong and even a bit condescending, like I don't understand the logic of things. Well, I was born in The USA and live here but I grew up in a third world country and I have a...
Come on, you know it wasn't a mistake, that medallion would look horrible in a ucap, they didnt felt compelled to anything, they do that all the time
I know I'm late here since the event have passed and the (correct) decision was made and I also will annoy (again) a few, but that was not a mistake, they just realized the u cap would not look good on the boot (which is correct too) and they fixed your choice. Nobody believe me but that's excactly what they do. I can't imagine anyone turning down those gorgeous already made shell boots to exchange them for U caps and they knew it.
Yes they are in the P2 last
Hi thanks!, I requested the topy and the rubber heel. I like it in boots.
Burgundy calf in F last, thanksThanks, your Alt Wiens in P2 are outstanding, and they look much better wearing them, much better than any photo right?
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