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Quote: Originally Posted by celeste_pista drumohr can hold their own against any. I ordered one from vch but it turned out to be too small...totally sucked to send such a nice piece back. ymmv How does Drumohr fit? I wear a size 42 suit (R or L depending on brand/cut).
How would it stand? I'm looking to purchase a couple of staple cashmere sweaters -- V-necks in basic colours to last me for enough time to justify the investment. I'm looking primarily at Pringle and Drumohr since they can be had at decent prices online. Are Malo and/or Cucinelli really worth the few extra hundred over Pringle/Drumohr? How about a cheaper brand like Kangra, which is available on Yoox? John Smedley? The stuff Turnbull & Asser retails? Anything...
I may be in NYC next week -- would it be possible to see them in person?
Was the Boheme bought from an authorized dealer, i.e. is the warranty booklet stamped?
Is the Charvet also brand new with tags? What are the exact measurements of the collar? I know you mention it's a 16"/41cm, but I'm curious as to whether there's some allowance for shrinkage etc. Thanks.
Hi frenchy, I am interested in the Canali tux and just tried sending a 'PM', however I am relatively new to this forum (despite lurking around from time to time) and just learnt I can't PM anyone until I have two posts. Hopefully this should do the trick, and please do check your inbox! Regards, Taimur
What is your opinion of the quality of Cartier eyeglasses? I am looking for new frames and like various models by Oliver Peoples, Robert Marc, and Cartier. How do the three compare in terms of craftsmanship, quality, longevity, and (dare I ask) cachet? Thanks in advance.
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