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Amazing, amazing jacket. Last summer the navy mao collar version (same jacquard fabric) with white hand stitching details was up for sale, full suit. Incredible. Wrong size for me but I still remember it
This looks amazing. 85% poly / 15% rayon... wonder what it's like in person. The black pilled/boiled wool version of the aw10 one-sleeve buttonable poncho cape is one of my holiest grails. If anyone sees the sz 3 plzzz let me know
Yeah, I mean, he's used many variations of buttoning and closures over the years of course, but this particular detail and construction is pretty much exactly the same and I find it interesting that it came straight after the mainline version, not separated by a decade. This kind of linearity in design over the lines is interesting, the same as across women's and men's mainline (aw04 is just one example, has happened plenty of times). Another example on the top of my head...
I love this longer jacket, I also found the tab closure detail at the neck very interesting as it's almost exactly the same as on my ss99 jacket (so, the previous spring season). I wonder how often design details like this were iterated from the mainline into y's (or vice versa?). Besides this detail my jacket is completely different though. I love the length here, especially in that walking shotTouching on CS and whether Yohji had any hand in designing any of it (I...
esox, thank you so so much for posting these. They're all amazing, and I personally especially like this last one. Great stuff. Great fits, guys, all of you. Valter rocking those hakamas real well, they do go particularly well with a long jacket/coat like that. I wonder what it would've looked like if you'd untucked the shirt. Good to see the vest too, I've never been much interested in waistcoats myself but I'm really getting into the idea of a gabardine one now. Love...
Yeah, YYPH for A/W 98 - all women models, even vivienne westwood made an appearance! Might as well post it, very strong lines, lots of off-white/beige/brown/grey. Jaquard embroidered fabrics too, lots of handstitched details. Great construction when seen in person, love lots of this [[SPOILER]]
Parker, I'll post aw00 here too. The detailing is very luxurious and perhaps feminine, but done in a masucline way. I guess it's called the "haute couture" collection for men, the embellishment of fur, beads, fringes, embroidery, pleating, jewellery - with silk and velvet fabrics as contrast made the presentation both soft and strong in a way. Woven knits and coats. Patchwork too (though I'm not so keen on it in this particular collection). The construction and fabrics is...
So amazing.
30% minimum, no? All the way up to 40%+ in some cases! Drop is different though, spread out across the season - 5 or so
That curator coat is great indeed. On the runway: (click) I wonder if I can make a list of favorite collections... A/W 2000 "haute couture" collection would be up there in the top at least. top 5 pieces is way hard, though I'm very interested in seeing your lists. It's always interesting to get a more detailed view and understanding of a particular garment.
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