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Great silhouette, love the hat and the shoulders - you really managed to breathe new life into that suit. Top stuff
Yeah, that is the double layer coat I'm wearing. The very same one actually as I picked it up from Rex! Had been looking for it for a couple of years so I was very happy to finally have got my hands on it. From AW00.Pretty much, they're MIE oxblood Solovair 11 holes. These. Love them, this pair and a pair of 10 holes black docs are on my regular rotation all year round except for the summer months.
willy's ann d at wal-mart is hilarious, hahaha so what happened to nicelynice? I liked his fits.
Wow, love this, and love that you're channeling AW04. Now I want to see Parker do that as well! Gorgeous pants, the cotton looks like it drapes beautifully. Now I want a pair!
Matsuoka Seigo wearing classic Yohji, down to the creepers:
It would be fun to hear that talk, I wonder if it was recorded and uploaded somewhere... Considering Matsuoka is present I'm there are lots of interesting reflections on... hakamas? Tying it to the previous discussion on MDB, I remember quite liking his part at the end.
Gotta like this Parker, pretty much what I've been wearing from time to time recently. I have this super big AW94 rayon shirt in a washed out black, works perfect as a light summer "jacket", like you are wearing yours. Size M but seriously big, sleeves goes past my fingertips, hehe.
Shah, man, that looks fantastic. Even better than with the Y's ramie blend jacket, this ss12 jacket is a killer piece and looks great with the hakamas. Very solid, I could wear this every day during summer.
Looks damn good Ivwri, you know I love that jacket and the shirt/vest hybrid is brilliant.Yeah, those pants (very nice, btw) are not A/W 92. The rule is, if the sizing is in numbers, then it's post-1999 no matter what code. Things is, Y's codes are all over the place. I've seen (and own) YFM w/ number sizing that have W, D, S, L etc, none of which are used for YYPH or YYF. As far as I've been able to make out, the runway lines (the ones presented together with YYPH up...
Matsuoka Seigo, Yohji-san, and some other dude, in hakamas
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