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lol! david you got a shout out too... "* David TY!" after the description. Starting price isn't that bad though, some of these knits go for 30-40k on y!, + fees and shipping it gets even higher.
Yep, the kanji is different but the reading/pronunciation for Yohji ("youji") and toothpick is the same, so when the brand name is written in katakana - i.e. not his personal name in kanji - it gets translated as "toothpick", hehe
HQ pics of the SS13 femme collection: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, the paper is torn from production. I don't know how delicate it is but my guess it's holding up pretty well. It's from S/S 99, this is the only runway shot I have of it: david, amaaazing pics man! Looks like you had a great time.
I enjoy seeing these movie lists, always good for inspiration. It pains me that Ozu is most often left out though, pretty much any film from Late Spring until his last could be on my list though I'm not sure I could pick one. I'd also argue that something by Yoshida and perhaps Oshima should be on a list like this too. Too much to choose from, I'm impressed by anyone able to compile a 100 list; I know I couldn't do it. Haven't seen a majority of the movies on JuyLe's list...
Happy to see some activity here. I can attest to wire's ss09 jacket being absolutely mindblowing in person, definitely anyone should consider picking up. Gorgeous fit, Ivwri, fantastic silhouette. The pants look amazing on you, the whole thing is beautiful really. Same goes for David's coat, for sure one of my top picks from aw10 (and I love pretty much the whole collection). The oversized fit is incredible in person, it's one of those pieces that pretty much never goes...
wow david the fit on the studded blazer from AW05 is perfect, such a great piece. Of course the parachute jacket is completely bonkers too. Great stuff.
Glad to see you ended up going for this jacket, david, and that you posted it here. It looks much better than in the decidedly crappy pics from the runway. As you know aw00 is a strong personal favourite collection for me so I'm always thrilled to see some more (& better) pics from any of those pieces. I have infinite regrets on a few that I passed on earlier, if I get the chance again I won't that mistake twice!
kiko, ss02 is indeed informally dubbed his "denim" collection both internationally and in Japan. I think we've brought up the Edwin denim collab before, I can kind of see the point in the domestic market as Edwin is quite a big low/mid-market brand in Japan and very popular from what I've seen. Also, like Ivrwi said, he's been doing collaborations with Spotted Horse forever and they've always been doing his mainline denim afaik. The denim and quality is very very high...
Oh I'm gonna suffer some serious post olympic depression for the next couple of weeks, god I love the olympics so much. Have to say I was a bit disappointed to see that Madness weren't wearing the aw04 zipper suits at the closing ceremony!
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