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they seem to be quite long on wire yeah, so they should be fine for you. I think different iterations have different length. I have the pair that are adjustable with buckles on the side instead of zippers, in size 4 with the buckles on the next to lowest holes (lower "proper" setting) they have an inseam of 62 cm. When walking/standing they just about hit the top of my docs, quite similar to some of the cropped pairs off aw07 runway. I like that a lot actually but for...
Thanks for the comments, guys. Very happy with these, been wearing this suit pretty much every day since I got it. On current rotation with the zipper suit wire so showcased so astonishingly well on the last page. You definitely need to get yourself one of these, Ivwri. Also glad to see a fit from you again, wire! WIll try to contribute one or two soon enough...
No fit pics (yet?), but I've promised some people to post some better pics of a few recent purchases so here goes!:aw06 pleated suit-well, I'm still stumped on what collection this suit is from. The tags say aw06, and that makes sense when handling the fabric. But I have a nagging and unconfirmed suspicion that originally it might be from aw00 and was re-issued in 2006 from some reason. I know they've done this from time to time. The construction details says aw00 to me,...
that first picture is beautiful, Ivwri. Love it. Happy to hear you finally got some overalls, they look great.
oh shit, this looks so good~~. This size looks great on you man (not to say that one size up wouldn't), very nice silhouette with the ronin pants. The fabric really is special in person. When you find the matching pants this will be a spectacular suit. mr shah, congrats on getting that coat! Looks great on you.
It's a nice jacket/suit (ask kiko, he bought mine) but it's not ss07 as stated in the auction. Significantly older in fact - ss94
The "rounder" signature on the tag means pre-aw91, so no codes (at least not on the tags) at that time. $4 for that shirt is great, but $40 for that dual layer aw05 jacket is just insane.
lol, even smoking the same old showa era cigs as Yohji. That's dedication, most probably not a coincidence.
Ah, it's a women's piece? Then my guess is aw06 edit: yeah, seems to be aw06. Look 1 is the same coat but in navy:
YYPH? I'm thinking it could be AW00? Really not sure though, looks nice either way. Like the irregular stripes and the cut. Would love to see some more close ups, the fabric and texture looks great. Glad to see the thread is still going strong, guys! Been mostly rotating all my regular stuff I've already posted here but just received a couple of things I like a lot so might post some of that.
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