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he looks good. solid fit poster, imo
Like others said, Y's can be cut pretty slim (and extremely big, depending) and this season (aw05 pitti uomo) was particularly slim in some pieces. However, sizing isn't consistent across the board when it comes to waist etc, so it's always a little risky to order without measurements. In those cases it's always better to go a size up - for pants that won't matter much anyway, just belt them and roll the hems. I generally take a 4 in pants but I have a pair of 3's from the...
They're snap buttons so the bottom can be turned up. Basically the OG punkier version of the turn up jacket from aw11. This is YYPH from aw04. The black version wasn't presented on the runway but here's the same jacket in khak in a (different, I think) cotton fabrici:
d|p 4 is like the best thing ever after wool gabardine
love this
yeah, me too, or at least something. still need to find a solution to my hat problem, and fast. It's getting cold...
looks great on you, shah. And as you know, feeling cool is all that matters.
That Y's tag is for the women's line, yeah. Auburn, yep all lines for both men and women (femme, ph, y's, +noir, etc etc) changed to numerical sizing at the same time.
Glad to see you here, man, and two great pieces to start with. Honestly a nice white shirt and a pair of wool gab pants is pretty much the best start you could get to build a solid yy part of your wardrobe. I like your regular stuff in the waywt thread, hope to see you post more here too.
^yeah me and wire figured it was from y's aw03. Insanely gorgeous knit collection. I'm pretty sure auburn's knit is similar to this one but in black:
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