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This is also a lady! But she wears YYPH, and yeah, that organza blazer is from SS09. Very nice fit. This is also fantastic. I wonder if those pants are Yohji. Possibly ss04 I guess!
With service like that, just go back and try on all the pieces you like (or just think are cool) in different styling combinations, no matter if you think you can pull it off or not. It's best way to experience it, and it just works much better on the body than on the hanger. You'll notice what I mean once you try stuff on.
Auburn, just remember to check the sleeves. The shirts tend to be cut pretty wide so they will probably accommodate you, but beware of sleeves and possibly the length. That said, for shirts it's generally easier to move between sizes. Also for the last few seasons (post-ss09 or so) I would recommend you go for 4 as much as possible, between 2000 and 2008 would probably be fine with 3 as well, depending on season. Pre-2000 shirts will be cut very wide but again sleeves...
Glad to hear you finally got it Ivwri. it's a great read for sure. I like that excerpt -- "It was rather like joining a sect", I wonder if that is how the rest of this board views us.
I feel SS07 is a bit overlooked and underestimated from his 00 collections but it really comes alive when seen in person, the intricate details and fabric blends are pretty amazing. I feel he had a strong sartorial exploration and variations on a theme at this point (ss07-aw07- partly ss08). I found myself cooling down a bit to women's aw12 and getting less excited about it over time (though I'm certain it will deliver on the racks). I think that is also partly because I...
so snow, which type of hakamas are you getting?
Ivwri, most excellent as per usual. Also, I want to give thumbs up to every snowman post. Also, the old-old snow fit that shah quoted a few pages back with the wide, tucked shirt made me realize he did the best modern take on YYPH ca SS91 era and I can't hate on that. From there, just add an oversized DB in grey wool.
shah + sipang is the best tag team of RFT I'm always catching up with this thread late but I enjoyed the discussion on mc/sw&d/the rift
The red label Y's is great, you don't see stuff from that line around very often but it was discontinued a long time ago I think. Like 10 years? I'm actually not sure, but he did have some of the red line on the ss00 runway. I think the general concept around the line is that the clothes are based on - or inspired from - Yohji's own wardrobe, in fabrics that are all really good from what I've seen. A lot of what I've seen is cut pretty short, though these don't seem to be....
impossible.also, get the hakamas. she will might love them in person
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