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yeah, I guess they're trying to reach customers who don't have a good grasp on Yohji sizing. LN-CC did the same thing this season, but with 46-48-50-52 which to me is even more confusing.
2 styles but both seems to be a very similar cut? Not sure, but they're both tapered and more "pant" like. Actually, not a lot (any?) of these online stockists seems to have bought any of the wider cuts or skirt-like type A/C's. Thanks for the heads up btw, cool to see the oversized floppy collar shirt. Not sure if these stock pics will help them move any of it though, lol. Would probably be better for business shown on a proper model with the "collar" buttoned.
^yeah he did some stuff for women's 2011 and was also involved in several pieces in YYPH AW11 -- there was a series of jackets dubbed the "justin jackets" in Japan. I was sort of wondering when he got involved in it, and how that happened.
lol, there's a bunch of hilarious pics with justin davis floating around. Pretty sure there's one from Donki too. BTW, does anyone know if Justin was involved in the brand already back in 2002/2003?
simple and so good, ivwri. you make me want to bust out my pair!
Wool pants and a shirt, then a jacket and after that you'll be on your way!
Echoing the love for AW07-08. The cuts for the pants were pretty slim across the board, the coats feel amazing in person and there's a good variation on them -- I personally like the wool knit insert long coats, boiled wool fishtail parka to mention a few, but pretty much any outerwear from that collection is stellar. There's a pretty big variation in cuts too - the off white fishtail absolutely swallowed me up in a sz 3, while the wool/rayon stuff is cut considerably...
Like david mentioned, the numbering system is the same but with a shift towards 1/2/3 being the standard while 2/3/4 is standard for Pour Homme in Japan, where 1 used to be very rare to find and 5/6 virtually non-existent. As for buttoning (l-t-r, r-t-l) that varies too from jacket to jacket. Not sure what is most common though.
I also love SS09. It's a suit collection but it's just such a perfect wardrobe for everyday in the way syed described it. I think it feels a bit like his last collection in a way, and I believe I read somwhere that he himself thought that 2009 could be his last year of designing (the women's ss09 is equally beautiful, if not more so, and even more pared down in terms of expression, palette and, iirc, fabrics). It just really feels like it's from him as a person and...
On a side note I think Yohji has repeatedly asked Bob Dylan (or through the official "channels", not personally, most likely) to walk in one of his shows but obviously that hasn't happened yet.
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