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I like the andover, reminds me of some shrunken cdg jacket. I want to see this in a non-demin non-tuck iteration.
If you try, you will, Parker. Very excited to see your future fits. Synthese, that is indeed very legit. 90's costume d'homme. The cut and particular style of jacket is very reminiscent of YYPH 1990 through '92, where one third of the shows were fits with this kind of jacket. Ivwri, love it like I said in the other thread. Sandals are a good match, but too easy and priest like? Would love to see them paired with footwear heavier and more grounded too. There are lots of...
Ivwri is breaking the internet with two great fits in one day, breaking SF's collective neck. The first one is especially good but those hakamas are godly. One day they will be mine.
Yohji's pricing has been shifting a bit over the last few years. AW08 and SS09 - the latter in particular I believe - were priced comparatively high even in Japan. I think the fabrics and some of the more work-load heavy deconstruction/embroidery/application themes in SS09 drove up the costs. For SS10 - which was a sort of Y's / YYPH amalgamation studio collection with less detailed work involved - there was a noticable shift towards slightly lower prices on average but...
yes!edit: ok, in addition, like this (sort of): [[SPOILER]]
Hmm, in general with your measurements I would advise for a size 4 but this does seem to be cut quite large, so you might be lucky with this. Won't be oversized on you. If you want a more 'true' YY fit you should definitely try to go for 4 in most cases.Cutaway Pretty sure this is AW03 but I can't say without seeing the tag code. This wasn't on the runway but some jackets with similar detailing was, however with a different tag (see above) which makes me a little unsure.
Yeah, this is how you do it. Remember there are several Y's lines for men and at least two of them are not differentiating between mens and womens on the label. The "aggressive" Y's is the runway line up until SS06 or so? Shown at the same time as YYPH until and incl SS05. Then there's the regular Y's tag, I think it's a square black tag with a brown/khaki Y's character? The 'dyed' khaki Y's for men tags also signifies runway items. The thinner olive colored one is the...
Yeah, might be slightly narrower and with a lower shaft but still as close as you can currently (well, soon!) get hehe. Will definitely let you know if I happen to spot the aw01 ones.
Hmm, isn't he doing something similar for AW12?edit: like these: [[SPOILER]]
so slouchy and cool. Pants are magnificent! I don't wear short sleeve buttonups much but it looks great here.
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