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Let's hope fashionchannel gives us the A/W 1996 show soon...
I didn't see that particular jacket but I guess the fabric/color is the same for L34. I think it's possibly less pastel than I remember it after having seen it in a few pics online. In my memory it was a pretty strong green shade but I didn't pay much attention tbh since the color didn't do anything for me and it was never something I was that interested in. I think the lighting at the show makes it come off a touch stronger than it does in natural light, I expect it to be...
Like Parker said, it's from the YYPH A/W 2005 collection. These are a few of the looks that featured the elasticised waists and belted ankles, in different shades of grey:The fabric is the tweedy 90% wool, 10% nylon blend that were used quite frequently throughout the collectionIt's quite rare to stumble upon this whole 3 piece set-up. The full suit came with the cummerbund that you can see in the last two looks
wow, that look is killer man! What pants are those? I agree navy and black is lovely when it works, it's a matter of finding a shade of navy not too close to black perhaps and also - like you guys mentioned - getting good texture play. I love it though. What pants are those? They look amazing there. The shirt is great too, ss11 right?
SS99 "the couple collection" is great btw, I should post some pics here when I get on my comp
That suit is from ss99, it was on the runway too
I'm on my phone so I'll keep it short, but there is of course plenty of ways to "modernize" or re-contextualise these older pieces too. This recent, relatively popular tumblr pic is one example - fittingly i'm pretty sure this could be a s/s 98 jacket (given it is yohji): I'm also looking for a jacket like this ! Looking at it again, this actually this isn't far from how some of his mid-90s spring looks looked like
I think this is an interesting discussion, but I'm not really clear on my thoughts on this. I agree that there is a line where stuff looks off (i guess) or intentionally oversized/non-fitting, but that line is surely very fleeting, in that it shifts with our changing perception, and is obviously very subjective. For the general, non-interested party (general public? I dunno) pretty much any YY collection would look ill-fitting. I disucssed this with Ivwri before but my...
This cotton pique fabric is not heavy at all and moves incredibly well in motion which definitely cools one down if there's just a little breeze. Very inspiring fit Ivwri, I'm actually wearing mine today as well! I don't think the length varies very much between sizes, my shirt seem to be about the same length - perhaps just a tad longer. Those high waisted pants are killer too.
God this looks so good! This! I'm really curious to see this in person, I feel the "regular" pants/jackets/shirts is easy enough to get a grasp on seeing online since I've seen so many of them in person but this is something I'd need to try on just to see how it works. I tried the sleeved (one sleeve) shawl cape from AW10 back when it retailed, the japan exclusive one in boiled wool was insane. So good and wearable. I haven't seen it since, I think it sold out immediately....
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