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those pants are incredible
^they did those in several iterations but it said flannel wool in the listing for that particular auction so... well, I'm guessing it's not gabardine. The slits probably go through, so not pockets. Never liked the styling with the silk scarves through the slits, there was another blazer in the same collection that was done better in this regard. they're kinda cool as just slits though. bene, that one is aw94.
Always good to see your posts MoK, I really liked this last one. Short DB coat looks fantastic and DMs are always good (of course). Perhaps the pants could be switched out some relaxed wool pants with a better drape and perhaps slighty deeper rise. Hat looks great too. Good stuff.
that looks great TW you should do yyph full time, hehe. seriously though, that blazer looks great, very nice balance.
^Congrats on getting a great suit, Ivwri. It has definitely become on the staples for this thread's members, there's at least 5 of us with full zipper suits, and if I'm not mistaken I think stadsvandringar also have one of those jackets? The standard wool gabardine definitely changes between some seasons and the aw04 is one of the best I've handled, soft hand but extremely sturdy too as wire can vouch for, hehe. I thought it was the same gabardine as in your shawl collar...
edit: double
I'd agree but I really don't think this is wool gabardine, this looks less formal to me and I think the jeans work well in this context. With that said, would still like to see it with a pair of semi-relaxed wool pants.
yeah, I meant "regular" YFM shows. The Beijing show is an exception as David points out. Compared to the YFM aw08 lookbook (and what I assume was sold in the stores), the pieces shown in Beijing seemed to be mostly reworked YYPH pieces. I think some of it was sold in stores though..? Like the flower print shirts etc. Anyway, for aw08 there was also a lookbook - the Beijing show done in conjunction with the women's pieces (also quite similar to the YYF iirc) was a one time...
Yes, I love this one too! Also trying to locate one in sz 4..! Like nahneun said, there were a few on Gilt some time ago, perhaps they will show up again.
Yep, up until AW05 Y's for men and YYPH were shown together, one after the other afaik. Not sure when it started though. AW05 also happens to be the last runway show for YFM.
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