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looking good, parker
shah, that jacket look proper good on you mate. Glad to see! great jacket david, now you have a couple of those handstitched '98 pieces! That gabardine is fantastic.
glad to see this thread is still going strong, lots of great fits. managed to get my hands on this 6.1 the men aw91 coat a little while ago and has worn it every day since then! Heavy heavy gabardine, this thing is built like a tank and I could it last a lifetime. Finally got a coat with some proper length too the aw04 knit, and a pair of boiled wool drawstring pants from y's aw06 that I cropped, wearing with long johns under
I agree with wire, I don't think there are any fakes. That jacket that came up before had a weird tag, looked very strange to me, but otherwise I'm not sure it actually was a faked item or if someone just messed with the tag.Those first pieces are these:aw01 coat -iconic aw91 zipper jacket, similar to this:that third jacket is also real, I've seen several in person. It could be from aw95 rokumeikan collection I guess?
Arche, I'm fairly sure they have never attached the size tag like that so someone else must have done that. Also I don't think anything has been made in France since the 80s? In which case it doesn't make sense that it's brand new, and it shouldn't have number sizing in that case. Sounds very strange to me. Fake? I've never come across fake YYPH items. What's the fit like? Could you take a picture of the tag?
that looks fantastic, Ivwri! Glad to hear you're getting good use out of the jacket.
it's not uncommon with pressed pants, he does those every season and can be seen on every runway. I have several pairs with a front crease/press, for instance the Dr YY suit, which can be seen on the runway. It was especially common in earlier collections. Pants look good, btw!
^haha, no worries. I'll send you a pm, have a few questions anyway.
TW did the jacket have mao collar with seatbelt detailing at the back and small buttons? You outbidded me on those! lol
^would you say it's worth the ~£20 or so from amazon? I'll probably get it since the dimensions look good.
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