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This is fine for trousers, definitely not so with denim.
Bought a pair of GATs from LN-CC that are a size too big. Briefly tried on indoors on carpet. Unlaced. Comes in original box with two pairs of laces and white dust bags. $215 shipped in Canada and CONUS
Tons of stores/companies do it, typically for specified number of days after purchase. They do it as part of maintaining satisfactory customer experiences. It is a big deal, they're running a business...
^ yes, Fedex are a bunch of sheepfuckers. no offense.
^ u sure it's killer in person? they have a full size run...
^where from?
They announce coupon codes on their twitter and facebook accounts. I can't remember when they last announced them though. I do know they did one in the last winter last year.
APC raw denim is not in the tbs sale. the cheapest you'll find them is at TBS, bit only when they do the once a season flat rate (I think it was 30 euros) discount codes. They come in at ~125 shipped to NA.
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