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^almost everyone
there's typically a cap of $50 on the gilt codes...
^give the large a go. if it doesn't stretch as much as you want, you can sell it fairly easily on B&S. No one's gonna buy an XL in the large loop off you...
FYI Rodan Gray has a bunch of W+H for 37% off (with the 10% SF code "GETGRAY")
what's with the funky shoulder measurement?
there's more CPs added to P&B sale as well
Your conflating "one-wash" with the "wash" that is used in the industry to produce pre-distressed or faded jeans - they are not the same. For all intents and purposes the Copper labels are raw, they've just had a single rinse/wash, which you'd do with the 701s (or similar unsanforized) once you got your hands on them anyway.
no, it does mean what he thinks it means.
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