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what's with the funky shoulder measurement?
there's more CPs added to P&B sale as well
Your conflating "one-wash" with the "wash" that is used in the industry to produce pre-distressed or faded jeans - they are not the same. For all intents and purposes the Copper labels are raw, they've just had a single rinse/wash, which you'd do with the 701s (or similar unsanforized) once you got your hands on them anyway.
no, it does mean what he thinks it means.
Pro tip: don't put your phone in your front pocket until the lap creases have set.
[[SPOILER]] I think you're a watch noob.
buy my shoes at retail.
if it helps, they have a stated return policy, but if you contact them and tell them you're shipping regular parcel, they'll waive the return period window.
jet beat me to it. there's a 15% off promo code that it seems you sadly missed
New Posts  All Forums: