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^There's a pair of worn once sz 33 LHT that have been sitting on B&S for some time now (http://www.styleforum.net/t/302350/n-f-lht-weird-guy-size-33-generic-surplus-boat-shoes-sz-9-5/0_70#post_5486600). You could probably get them for quite a bit less than he's asking.
38487 + 79 = 38566
Pair of BNIB Red Wind Beckman chukka in size 10D (US) for sale, style #9017 (aka cigar featherstone leather). Price is 170 200 shipped anywhere in North America. Send me a pm if you're overseas and interested. Updated with pics.
this. you don't get "fades" from sleeping in denim.
I think you need to size up, I can almost see your nipples.
32776 + 75 = 32851
Any objections to opening it to other momo denim (i.e. 701)?
32197 + 42 = 32239
FYI Allen Edmonds is selling seconds for $399, they fall under their typical seconds return policy (exchange or return if unworn). Shoot them an email or call and they'll tell you what sizes they have in stock.
Booo. To each his own (i.e. wear em when and where you want to). I would subscribe to a natural fades (i.e. from wear) only rule though.
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