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Dscounts aren't great, from memory the price list is: BD shirts : 75 Zipped Hoodies : 75 Crewneck sweatshirt: 55 Cashmere sweaters : 125 Outerwear : 200 - 400 Pants: 90 (if you're looking or pants and youre a 33 its pretty much all denim...) Denim: 100 Shorts: 55 Toques: 40ish High Tops: 225 Low Tops: 200 Sweatpants: 75 (I think) L/S Henley : 40 (but I didn't really see any there) Hooded Wool Down Vest : 200 (only XL) Not sre about short sleeve stuff...
^Posting messages that advertise B&S in regular threads will get you fined by FOK
I'm really bummed my 701s can't be in the contest...
^There's a pair of worn once sz 33 LHT that have been sitting on B&S for some time now (http://www.styleforum.net/t/302350/n-f-lht-weird-guy-size-33-generic-surplus-boat-shoes-sz-9-5/0_70#post_5486600). You could probably get them for quite a bit less than he's asking.
38487 + 79 = 38566
Pair of BNIB Red Wind Beckman chukka in size 10D (US) for sale, style #9017 (aka cigar featherstone leather). Price is 170 200 shipped anywhere in North America. Send me a pm if you're overseas and interested. Updated with pics.
this. you don't get "fades" from sleeping in denim.
I think you need to size up, I can almost see your nipples.
32776 + 75 = 32851
Any objections to opening it to other momo denim (i.e. 701)?
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