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jet beat me to it. there's a 15% off promo code that it seems you sadly missed
The codes didn't work for you b/c Gilt codes are linked to a member's account... those codes are valid, but only for the dude who posted them (and anyone else who Gilt is presently trying to woo)
this is the same pic you used in your add for the sz 50 bball... youre legit right?
so where/who does the extra buy-in cash go to?
Strands are formal, suit setting only. If your looking for starter suit shoe, that is a good price for them.
That's pretty much how I felt about the general pricing there...
Patek said in a post a day or two ago that his are presently getting topy'd...
^ Get someone to hook you up with a W+H down wool vest from the warehouse sale.
Dude, follow Jay's advice and return them... how is this a difficult decision?
Dscounts aren't great, from memory the price list is: BD shirts : 75 Zipped Hoodies : 75 Crewneck sweatshirt: 55 Cashmere sweaters : 125 Outerwear : 200 - 400 Pants: 90 (if you're looking or pants and youre a 33 its pretty much all denim...) Denim: 100 Shorts: 55 Toques: 40ish High Tops: 225 Low Tops: 200 Sweatpants: 75 (I think) L/S Henley : 40 (but I didn't really see any there) Hooded Wool Down Vest : 200 (only XL) Not sre about short sleeve stuff...
New Posts  All Forums: