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If anyone knows where I can get that bomber in a 50 or 52, please shoot me a PM.
Just get the waist taken in....
I'm an 11 in Nike's, a 10 in chucks. I measure 11C/10.5C (left foot/right foot) on the Brannock device. I'm a 43 in CP, these are just a bit wide.
Jumping on the bandwagon.. I'd love a proxy to the west coast (shipping to WA), willing to reciprocate with Vancouver (or Canada) proxy service.
The fit on the W+H chinos is great, hands down favourite chinos. If you found them at a good price, I say definitely give them a shot, if they work for you, you will not be dsappointed.
ppl hot soak, ppl cold soak, typically the hotter the water the more the denim shrinks. you're jeans are sanforized (pre-shrunk) so they'll shrink a bit in length .25 to .5", you can try stretching the inseam when they're wet. washing - you can do it in your bathtub with a woolite or a more gentle detergent, turn inside out, i) move them around in soapy water, ii) leave for a bit, repeat i and ii 4 or 5 times, drain, soak in water, drain, hang dry, or you can use the...
^you're late to the party
check the purse forum, they're usually all over the yoox codes. for real.
This is fine for trousers, definitely not so with denim.
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