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I don't see how a wash would really do that much -- a huge majority of indigo loss is from wear, not being in a washing machine.
^is that the US size?
^it's hell, i found the red wings under new arrivals, "boots" category. look for a $5 gift cert. when you join, i missed it...
thanks, grabbed a pair of the bison boots (same that BB has for 400) for the rainy days.
I think there's usually a second code you can stack for a little more off.worthwhile brands to checkdanner, red wing (they have IR and beckman), ray ban, pendleton (maybe only the merino socks)
if you click sizing, you'll find what you're seeking for (measurements foo)
There's a pair of black raf derbies on gilt for 170, they're pebbled leather though... edit:size 40
^almost everyone
there's typically a cap of $50 on the gilt codes...
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