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Did anyone's Purdey boots come with shoe bags?
I also jumped on the purdey coniston boat. Thanks for the head's up!
For a quick sale, please consider less generic marketing and more relevant info. I'm thinking an appropriate start would be the boot size but ymmv.
That's b/c it's a one time use code.
I wish these came out as dark in real life as they do on the website. To me they look lighter than color #8.
Polling for interest in trading your size 10.5 shortwings or PTB for my size 11D shortwings. They have been used a handful of times.
If anyone is looking to selltheor BB gift cards, please drop me a PM.
I'm interested in acquiring Brooks Brothers gift cards. Please shoot me a pm if you have one you'd like to sell.
What % off were you able to grab these at during the sale?
Good deal, hope someone here got it.
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