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In this case it was a discount code that was apparently intended for use by Luxottica employees. Someone leaked it to the public domain. Moneys were spent.
The leaked code applied site wide. So yes Marlow's were included. The 40% off plus 15% kicker is definitely not site wide and has excluded Marlow's for some time.
I don't think the Marlow's have been in the 40% plus kicker sale in a few years.
FYI, there was only a 54L left in the navy Canali travel suit. Hopefully that's considered good news.
A NWT navy pocket sweater in size XL from Patrik Ervell's 2014 Fall/Winter collection. Looking to trade for a L or sell. Willing to pass on for what I bought it for plus shipping. Pics can be posted if requested requested. I tried it on for all of a minute (if even that much). Will ship outside CONUS at cost to the buyer.
someone please convince me that having a charcoal stark and a black lake mix is redundant.
See post #1. Necessary, perhaps not. Convenient, definitely. You'll get over the extra alerts I'm sure.
You're a good guy.
Those are cement construction, doesn't that mean no resoling?
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