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There's chukkas and "deck" boots, which might be past season's grizzly boots for sale at getoutside (located in Canada) for 199.
Can anyone tell me how well the muleskinner IR's hold up in the rain. I live on the west cost, so there's lots of it.
My order was shipped on Nov. 3rd and arrived this past Saturday.
I called this morning, they're sending me one no questions asked. I picked it up used not directly from Sterlingwear, so asking for remittance was much more than I was comfortable asking for.
Have any Canadians out there been able to make it through customs on their WvG orders without being ding'd with duties?
I've contacted the seller and am awaiting his reply on this. All his "vintage" buttons are listed as black, so we'll see.I'm hoping they're willing to A) send me one, and B) send it USPS to Canada.
I just received a US Navy issue peacoat by Sterlingwear that came sans 1 button. I'd like to kop a button from ebay, but the vintage buttons are listed as black where as my buttons are a very dark blue. Anyone know of a source (I'll try sterlingwear tomorrow)?
I did the same run around with the credit card authorization code, and last I heard they were sending it to the (American) residential address of a friend of mine. There was no stipulation that it had to be an address linked to the credit card. Here's hoping that doesn't change.
346 or the good stuff? Both blue?
C&J Monkstrap UK 8 US 8.5ishD. Good BIN ($110)
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