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it's for long business trips when laundry service is hard to come by, just peel and go, no more dirty collar (for at least a couple of meetings)
Free bump. RE: Selvedge. Roll up the cuff, if the outside seam looks like your regular jeans, they're not selvedge, if it looks like the icon i tagged my reply with, they are.
Awesome post. I was wondering why I get that role below the collar. Thanks!
bought some shoe trees from Grayland. Shipped out the next day, items arrived as described. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by steviecakes Didn't realize this thread existed. Guess I should start hanging around MC more. Black Bally Combination Lock Briefcase FT/FS Hoping to trade for some interesting shoes (7.5D) Perhaps a stupid question, but do you have the lock combo?
Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Move this thread to the general chat section. Perhaps easier said then done for the OP, especially considering this thread's subject of inquiry...
Hi, First B&S post here, but I have had positive transactions/reviews on ebay. I'm selling a pair of Peal & Co medallion perforated cap-toes in medium brown in US10.5D. They are made by Alfred Sargent, have channelled sole, and are unfortunately too small for me -- these fit TTS, I'm a smallish 11D. I bought them used, wore them once, they have minimal wear and creasing -- original owner claimed to have worn them 5 times. Conditioned and polished with Saphir...
PM sent on the 11C's
Quote: Originally Posted by thomas790 I am wondering if anyone has received any products from this seller. I was very interested but noted his profile says he only joined in January. Search the buyers and sellers feedback thread... tl;dr: multiple positive reviews.
Quote: Originally Posted by memo1019 holy i think the word you're looking for is "timeless"
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