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C&J Monkstrap UK 8 US 8.5ishD. Good BIN ($110)
It certainly was. My thanks for the post as well.
Wow, they sure cleaned up nicely.
Yes. I believe the're a double stitched version of the Williams model in the Independence Collection.
You're doing it right
Quote: Originally Posted by Edgar Allan Pwn itbegins is an excellent seller and I love the shoes I bought from him. Thanks Edgar Allan Pwn! Glad you like the shoes, you're an excellent buyer.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero elasticity +1. Some man-made fibres (i.e. polyester for instance) also help garments retain their original shape -- you'll notice in your cotton shirts, that the seams no longer run straight down the sides if you hold the shirt from the shoulders and let it hang.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyTieGuy Any thoughts? What point would you stop bidding? Below 250.
it's for long business trips when laundry service is hard to come by, just peel and go, no more dirty collar (for at least a couple of meetings)
Free bump. RE: Selvedge. Roll up the cuff, if the outside seam looks like your regular jeans, they're not selvedge, if it looks like the icon i tagged my reply with, they are.
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