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Apologize ahead of time for vagueness, but I recall someone here getting one in the past week or two and commenting that they fit small, I think they said they should have sized up one. I google searched the forum ("site:styleforum.net junya sizing varsity"), these are from the top two results: There's measurements on a closed B&S for a Medium: P2P - 20", sleeves - 26" Another B&S size L is stated best for a 48 or slim 50. Seems to confirm what I remember. Best of...
If they are relatively new (not faded), do not put them in the dryer, from the creasing and folding while tumbling, you will get odd line fades.
You must have missed the Mr. Porter sale.
^No code, items were marked down. You could be late to the party, (I believe) the site removes items as they sell out.
I know! We need the Eurozone to flirt with implosion every year.
If someone here just picked up the medical shirt size 52 and it doesn't work out for you, please let me know, I'll take it off your hands.
^ Everything at porter is fully refundable, with free return shipping.
^Not sure how firm you are on color, but Nitty Gritty has your size in stock in DB. They're on sale, 211 euro, I believe they deduct VAT as well.
Oh sweet jesus, why was this question even asked.
Size 12US Light Brown Double Monk Lobbs. The pictures aren't great, and it's listed as an auction starting at $350 (presently with no bids), but in the description he says he's "offering it for ONLY $350 or best offer". If better pictures can a) be had, and b) are promising, they may be worthy of a message to the seller with an offer. edit:with link
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