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So can I display my macbook display on my TV with this?
wrong forum, you want to ask SW&D
Charcoal \= Black MelangeBlack Melange will have flecks of other colors in it (hence the name), correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it is knit with greens and reds as well as black. Where as charcoal is monochromatic.
Amazon has the Red Wing Wabasha Chukka (3-eyelet) in half sizes and E width only for $100-110.
Would you please post the sleeve measurements (from the center of the neck)?
Hi all, I'm looking for some raw denim to patch crotch blow-outs. If anyone has the bottoms from having their jeans hemmed, I'd trade cash for them. Thanks!
You're missing the reference, you need more of "the wire" in your life
Apologize ahead of time for vagueness, but I recall someone here getting one in the past week or two and commenting that they fit small, I think they said they should have sized up one. I google searched the forum ("site:styleforum.net junya sizing varsity"), these are from the top two results: There's measurements on a closed B&S for a Medium: P2P - 20", sleeves - 26" Another B&S size L is stated best for a 48 or slim 50. Seems to confirm what I remember. Best of...
If they are relatively new (not faded), do not put them in the dryer, from the creasing and folding while tumbling, you will get odd line fades.
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