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^True that. I've got an 11D pair I'd like to trade for 10.5D if anyone's interested.
I'm Canada (Victoria as well), with every shipment I've received, DHL has charged a customs handling fee ($7.5) and duty.
APC re-stock
^Sounds like you want insurance. Not sure how well that jives with marking down the value though...
The tracking is as good as level of tracking/service provided by the federal postal service that takes it over at the receiving country. My guess is the German postal service will be quite good at updating the tracking. I have only had experience with USPS shipments to Canada, with several the tracking stopped at Canadian customs, and once I took receipt of the packages, tracking was updated to show that they were delivered. Hope that helps.
No. Now it's FB-xxx.
^True, knee down. The profile actually looks alright, the front view is rough.
^ those look pretty damn baggy
^no alterations, just variability in the manufacturing process, some pairs measure slightly smaller, some match posted measurements, and some measure slightly larger...
^Sleeves seem to measure really short
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