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They do, just send CS an email with your order and they'll refund the difference.
^ They'll be fine. That happens with all shoes with a goodyear welt.
It's cropped almost identically to that of CP120's fit pic...
One day someone's going to find out that your posting your ebay auctions in this thread.
I've got $5 on style name == model name
I've never heard it called that before...
I have never dealt with them, but I believe it was RandomKoreanDude who asked them and was told no, however they were willing to give additional 10% (meet halfway I guess). His post (earlier in this thread) mentioned email correspondence with Dope-F and 40% off the sale price (30% with code, plus another 10% as a no-vat compromise). I know there's still a code for 30% off that's active, it's either posted on this forum or on fashionstealer.edit: LOL, I just read the...
You're probably in the clear, the two times I've had things shipped DHL, the letter came within 4-6 weeks.
You will be, DHL will send a letter with the customs fees.
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