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Oh sweet jesus, why was this question even asked.
Size 12US Light Brown Double Monk Lobbs. The pictures aren't great, and it's listed as an auction starting at $350 (presently with no bids), but in the description he says he's "offering it for ONLY $350 or best offer". If better pictures can a) be had, and b) are promising, they may be worthy of a message to the seller with an offer. edit:with link
This is fused right?
Code is valid for delivery to Australia only.Edit: XMASSHIPUS for US deliveries.
I just used it on some sale items, worked fine for me.
AE shoe polish/conditioner products are rebranded Collonil. Polish can have conditioner in it, but polish != conditioner. You should be using both, conditioner more often than polish.
I think there's recent evidence lurking in the B&S.
Tomorrow morning is going to be good times
Hmm, when I checked out my order total went from $45 plus tax to a total of $325. How's BB customer service, are they likely to stick me to the full price?
I, for one, am loving this description, hilarious stuff FREE BUMP!
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