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Can anyone comment on how the Macons fit? The last looks pretty narrow in those pics.
It happens to me too
What size are you looking for?
If anyone knows where I can get that bomber in a 50 or 52, please shoot me a PM.
Just get the waist taken in....
I'm an 11 in Nike's, a 10 in chucks. I measure 11C/10.5C (left foot/right foot) on the Brannock device. I'm a 43 in CP, these are just a bit wide.
Jumping on the bandwagon.. I'd love a proxy to the west coast (shipping to WA), willing to reciprocate with Vancouver (or Canada) proxy service.
The fit on the W+H chinos is great, hands down favourite chinos. If you found them at a good price, I say definitely give them a shot, if they work for you, you will not be dsappointed.
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