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Vintage label 0201 and 0701 on sale for $216 shipped with the extra 20% off code at Need Supply.
^No. Also, please send me one of them.
I forget the username, but a momo stockist on sufu says he always advises sizing down 1 on vintage label b/c they do stretch out...
APC jeans are capable of stretching quite a bit, but only if they're forced to stretch: 2" at the waist is usually tossed around, but they're capable of stretching more. For example, KingJulien stated a while back that his well worn NS 30s now measure 36.
No one has feet that big anymore??
Does anyone know how the nep selvedge fades?
Gilt codes are linked to your account, i.e. they're not universal to all
They always ran tagged plus 2", there is confusion as to whether the sizing has changed (as indicated by Context, not sure if confirmed by ppl who have ordered from here) or remains the same (as experienced by ppl who have ordered from TBS).
^^ it means I'd like to see my abs again
nice fit, more importantly, thanks for the motivation to hit the game.
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