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Here's another: vp2506a20a
Did you have to email LNCC for the DDP invoice? I don't see any mention of duties being paid on my order at LNCC.
would the nycos fit close (waist and taper in particular) to W+H westpoint chinos?
I treated them with a light layer of Obenauf's LP when I got mine. Didn't really darken them too much, there's pics in one of the red wing or obenauf threads of a pair before and after a treatment of obenauf's.
There's a few pairs of GATs in light brown at ln-cc for 150 USD with the 40% off code.
^This usually happens if your stark is too long for you. [[SPOILER]]
He's serious. There are GILT50 codes circulation with a max cap of $100.
The difference between how fast fades set-in and/or develop after no wash, the first, and the second wash is pronounced. The difference between your jeans right before and after you do those washes is not.
I don't see how a wash would really do that much -- a huge majority of indigo loss is from wear, not being in a washing machine.
^is that the US size?
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