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I don't follow... is it the beer list?
Thanks! I really appreciate the input.
^ link is broken
You may want to mention that these haven't been soaked.
Is this Isaia's diffusion label?
If you don't mind, I'd love your input on my case.True Waist:33.5"Hips:35.75"Upper Thigh:23"Knee:14.75"Desired Rise:~10"I've got a pair of 0701 in a size 34 coming with the following measurements: 36.15" waist, 10.85" rise, 12.4" thigh, 9.4" knee, 39.5" inseam, 8.65" leg opening.Good match? I plan on hot soaking them twice when they arrive, I'm a little worried about the thighs though...
Vintage label 0201 and 0701 on sale for $216 shipped with the extra 20% off code at Need Supply.
^No. Also, please send me one of them.
I forget the username, but a momo stockist on sufu says he always advises sizing down 1 on vintage label b/c they do stretch out...
APC jeans are capable of stretching quite a bit, but only if they're forced to stretch: 2" at the waist is usually tossed around, but they're capable of stretching more. For example, KingJulien stated a while back that his well worn NS 30s now measure 36.
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