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Just picked up a pair of the MARA boots in black. I went TTS/0.25 size up. I hope they work out. If they don't they'll be in my sig soon.
You should put up a survey on this! For jeans, I would probably put thighs up there on par with waist. There's definitely a camp of people that size to thighs as the waist will stretch but the thighs less so. If you state in the description what type of rise they have you can typically get away without posting rise measurements. The other big one for me is leg opening. I don't really care at all about the knee. For shirts, assuming short sleeve, chest and length are the...
Yes, except they turned out not to be shell cordovan, just heavily painted leather.
yeah, those make me head hurt. I can't really reconcile the logic that questions about sales don't belong in the sales thread and I'm still trying to pinpoint the veiled line between acceptable and unacceptable levels frugality, again in the context of the sales thread.
lol. good stuff, the farfetch bit made me laugh, probably more than i should have. if we didn't have the latter stuff we would miss out on some laughs
Thanks for the tip, would you please let me know if the SdC parka had the rabbit fur liner?
Picked up a pair of the Alden Indy Kudu from Rodaen Gray in 10.5. They are too big. Willing to trade for a size 10 or sell at cost. Please send me a PM if interested. Cheers.
Is that whiskey?
TBS is running a 20% off footwear promo, code is 20FOOT. Looks like CPs are excluded.
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