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Nice. I was on the road when the Gentry email dropped and I missed out. I'm tempted by the Ischa print as well.
I've almost pulled the trigger on it numerous times. I don't know how much longer I will be able to resist. I see it as a great pool shirt as well.
Which version (fabric) did you buy?
Nice. I look forward to seeing pictures when you get it.Gentry is a really great store. I've bought from them a couple of times (before they started carrying Eidos) and now two Eidos only orders. Very friendly and helpful staff. One of these days when I get back to NYC I'll make the trip out to Brooklyn. I'll have to leave my wallet at home though.
Boom. Linen Field Jacket ordered (thanks to Gentry): Other items you guys may be intereste in below. Contact Gentry (info@gentrynyc.com) to order. Oh and they are running 30% off jackets and coats until May 17th.
I can't wait for SS16.
Thanks. I saw that but I prefer it without the white collar.
I'm curious about those as well. Along with: - Linen t-shirts (I see one color way at Stanley Korshak) - and this Lupo Polo
I love the bottle green.
Hmm, I probably did a number on my right shoulder playing baseball and tennis when I was younger. I never thought about it having an effect on jacket fit but I can definitely see where it would make a difference. I really think I need to get used to the soft shoulder.
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