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Oops. I understand the Matera isn't waxed but the Gentry pictures made it looked like they had a special version. Thanks for clarifying.
Gentry just posted some items: http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/vendors?q=Eidos Looks like a waxed Matera jacket and the lined hunting jacket
I really wanted the yellow version from the look book. I agree, when it came out with a white collar and placket it threw the look off completely.
I tried to search but no luck, do the Norwegian Rain liners zip or button in to the shell? And can the liner be worn stand alone?
Wow, it looks great. Which retailers picked up the Matera? MP3 and ?
Please post some pictures.
Thanks @mossrockss for all the pictures. However, as an unintended consequence I think you contributed to crashing the MP3 website 😀
I have been eyeing those boots
They sound similar to these: http://meyvnshop.com/products/christian-kimber-x-eidos-indigo-blanket-slipper
@NickPollica Any insight in to whether the Cotton Shantung will fade if hand washed? Or on the other extreme, how it will take to over dyeing?
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