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http://suspensionpoint.ca/fw14-editorial 30% off all the stuff in the fits, which are pretty cool!
I really like my new Poa, the fabric has a nice, thick and sturdy feel to it and looks really cool up close. Its pretty comfortable even with a tshirt on, not scratchy at all on the neck and arms for me. I would say its definitely up there with the grail SS cardigans in past seasons.
Yes, no, or meh? to wear oversized
looks just like a cdg zip wallet
Great posts, spacepope. I'm waiting for the perfect PH blazer to pop up for me somewhere on the secondary market...
neck brace
a jacket with a big collar popped up
Is he bringing the whole stock with him?Which place did you take him to?
Maybe a sharpie could fix it
Nice find! From where?
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