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Guys, Is anyone here managing an MTO for a Lingfield in suede (similar to the one in the picture -shown in polo suede) OR would be interested in participating in an MTO for this/something similar?
Thanks a ton @SirReveller they are offsite but I really appreciate the tip. I live close by so I'll swing by tomorrow and see if I'm lucky. Thanks again!
Thanks @SirReveller, really appreciate it. The price is almost as steep but good point, these are more likely to be discounted than G&Gs @SoGent Thanks for the share. What are those?
Hey guys, Ineed to swap out a favorite pair of loafers (Ferragamo Tramezza Anthony) as they have been resoled over and over and have served me well but the streets of NY have finally taken their toll. I have been looking for the same/similar shape of last and the only thing I have found that comes close are the G&G Monacos. However, they are a bit over my price range as I'm used to staying in the C&J territory so I wanted to reach out to the knowledge of the forum to ask...
The search functional hasn't given me anything so far. Have any of you found the SL/01 lows on sale for Memorial Day ($300-400 area)? Farfetch apparently had that offering but not in my size.
Is one of these still available?
Is one of these still available?
Happy new year rdstour, PM'ed you, let me know what you think and we can go from there.
Also interested. The C&J Merton seems a but too pointy and G&G are too hard to find sub-$800
Hoy guys, I all are doing well and ready to enjoy the holidays. I wear blue suits a lot and always pair them with red, burgundy, purple, or grey ties. However, after purchasing the darkest midnight blue grossa from Hober, I have begun trying to understand if I should attempt to match the blue of my tie to that of my suit or not. My findings for your consideration: 1) With a light blue suit - always wear a darker tie. 2) with a very dark midnight navy suit - if tie is...
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