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Thank you all for sharing your findings. I like the look of this buckle and strap and was wondering how viable it would be to get something similar under 600? Would those that have been researching extensively be able to tell me if they've come across a similar buckle or strap? I have seen the Tiffany buckles but they somehow seem dressier to me and I will be using this with Chelsea boots in a way similar to how it is shown in the Ralph lauren black label catalogues....
Hi Forum Members, I have usually gotten trousers made by Dario R. through Izzy at LS but this last time I visited, Izzy told me he was no longer working with Dario. The new pant maker was ok but I felt Dario copied pants better and barely required any additional tailoring. Would anyone know how to reach him? The contact info on the forum is no longer current. Alternatively, does anyone have a suggestion for a good pant maker in a similar price/quality point.
Used the search function and didn't manage to find info on the fill for suitsupply "bodywarmers" aka vests. Anyone know if they have any? If so what is it (i.e. Primaloft (what spec) down (what fill)). I like them but not sure if warm at all or if it's basically like wearing a sweater
Asian Afro is the shoulder line a bit dropped on the 40? I'm looking at the chirnside and the only fotos I found of people wearing that model gave the impression of a very conservatively styled garment (i.e shoulder seams that fall lower than the end of the clavicle and also that we're a bit long/droopy). I understand you ordered a different model but did you find this to be the case with the 40?
Asianafro, i spoke to the same person and there is a MtM service with a 4 sweater minimum which would probably lead to a better fit in case you're interested.Also I'd suggest a size 40 for a 38 jacket. Inis meain size small (40) fits me pretty well and I couldn't really imagine a slim fit going medium unless you have a veery large chest and your suits are from a brand with a more comfortable cut.
What do you mean? The chirnside on the heather Wallace site is ply
Did anyone else think the mid-tops look pretty damn sick as well? Check it out for those that haven't seen them: http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/shoes-sneakers_cod44563511ot.html
Aariam sorry to bug you I went through the links but couldn't find a 248 euro price on the SLP lows (I'm looking for white) or what TBS was. Would you mind me bugging you for that info (sorry if I missed it and it's obvious).
Appreciate your thoughts CrimsonSox. The OTR is a 38R. I fit nearly perfectly in the RLBL jackets I went MtM because I dont have enough space in the seat of the pants. I also requested to get the pants from the new model (forgot the name) as these have two darts in the seat as opposed to a single one.Other than than the pants not much was changed on the MtM other than sleeves (shorter) and the buttoning point (about 1/4 in. higher than the one on the OTR grey as measured...
Thanks OTC (I should have linked to it but posted another set after -not sure if you were referring to that one or the set quoted). Thanks and I will for sure reach out. Thank you for takin the time to take a look and for letting me know, I will PM you so I can get details from you.
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